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She’s Got Issues

by Nicole Unice

We’ve all got our issues! Maybe you feel like life just isn’t going your way, or you’re afraid that you don’t measure up to other people’s expectations. Perhaps you have a hard time managing your temper or have someone in your life you just can’t forgive. We deal with our “issues” every day in one form or another; the problem is, after a while, they start to feel . . . normal. Unchanging. Just part of who we are. And we forget that we have access to the power of Christ—a power that can transform our everyday weaknesses into our greatest strengths and gifts.

In She’s Got Issues, Christian counselor, ministry leader, and regular mom Nicole Unice explores the ordinary issues that are keeping you from the full and free life you were meant to have. Applying years of counseling with practical scriptural teaching and a fresh and authentic voice, Nicole shows you how to let God freely shape your character—and transform your life from ordinary to abundant.


Stress Point: Thriving Through Your Twenties in a Decade of Drama

by Sarah Martin
Stress Point is a real, raw and relevant look at 10 major life issues that most 20-somethings deal with. By putting Jesus in the center of each stress point the reader will find godly success, purpose and well-being. With the heart of the “slightly older” girlfriend or sister, Sarah Martin encourages the reader to live out the Kingship of Christ in every area of life.
Becoming Myself

by Stasi Eldredge

If you’ve ever wondered if your life will ever change, Stasi Eldredge’s book, becoming myself assures you that “God will complete the good work he’s begun in you.” In this book, Stasi shares her personal struggles with weight, self-worth, and her past, teaching readers that God wants them to participate in their transformation as he completes his good work in them. She invites women to look at their pasts, especially their mothers, with honesty and mercy and to look toward their future with hope. Embrace God’s dream of you!


The Church Planting Wife

by Christine Hoover

In The Church Planting Wife, Christine Hoover explores and encourages the hearts of her readers while teaching what it means to have heart prepared for this unique ministry. As the wife of a church planter, she knows well the highs and lows; glories and despairs. Christine speaks with clarity and poignancy to the reader about what it looks like to be part of the church planting ministry and to grow a heart that wholly reflects Jesus.

Spread throughout these pages are stories and interviews from church planting wives. Christine Hoover empathetically and pointedly builds off these testimonies to uplift the reader and offer lessons of hope in the midst of a challenging ministry.


The Jesus-Hearted Woman 

by Jodi Detrick

When it comes to leadership, Jodi Detrick believes this: if you have the heart, you can learn the skills. The Jesus-Hearted Woman is her guide to helping women—from beginning newbies, to veterans who’ve led for many years—develop ten essential qualities for dynamic and delightful leadership. With a blend of warm humor and “I’ve been there” compassion, Jodi weaves together memorable stories, biblical insights, and lots of real-life wisdom from her own long leadership journey.


The Pregnancy Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide to Your Journey to Motherhood

by Jessica Wolstenholm and Dr. Heather Rupe

A girlfriend’s thoughts and a doctor’s wisdom come together in this information-packed, inspiration-filled Christian resource for the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of pregnancy.

The Baby Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide to Baby’s First Year

by Jessica Wolstenholm, Dr. Andrea Johnston and Dr. Heather Rupe
A grace-based, comprehensive guide that includes both information and encouragement for the journey through baby’s first year. Equipping moms with practical advice and resources including scheduling, child development, budgeting, and practical parenting, this book guides the reader on a faith-filled journey paved with truth, reflection, and Scripture.

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  1. Dr HEather Rupe 4 years ago

    THank you for SUPPORTING our book! It was such a blessing to meet so many of you amazing women this weekend at the conference!

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