The Influence Team: Our Best Advice for the Conference

from the influence team

“I wrote about it HERE but this conference is going to be as amazing as YOU make it. Yes, you. So, step outside your comfort zone and talk to someone you haven’t met before, say hello to that blogger you’ve been reading forever, or make plans to eat all your meals with a different group of people. Make your (offline time with)online (friends in real) life mean something!”  

— Ashley 


“This is the conference to leave pretenses at the door. It might be fun (or not) to plan your outfits and get your business cards all decked out, but you’re going to be building and joining community. Come in ready to be blessed and to bless others. Your weekend will be more about growth than it will be about promotion, and you’re going to love it!”

 — Jessi


“I can’t stress enough the importance of setting realistic expectations. Here we are – hundreds of women flocking from all over to hang out for a weekend, and yet… we don’t know each other outside of the internet. Awkward, right? It’s okay! Embrace it. Slap on some deodorant, chew some gun, and stick your hand out. Push through the urge to sit in the corner on your iPhone, and get to know one another. That’s my advice, friends! Oh, and pack a small clutch or bag to carry around with you. You’ll need a spot for your phone, business cards, room key, journal, and pen!”

— Rachael


“Come with some goals. Do you want to talk with a specific speaker? Make sure you have set yourself up well to make that happen. Do you want to get your Christmas shopping 100% done so you can breath during the holidays? Make sure to budget and bring a shopping list to the Sashes Market. Don’t just come to Influence willy-nilly. Make sure you know what you need, or you’ll never know when you get it. 🙂


Maybe rest is what you need. Never feel bad about sitting out a session or grabbing a nap instead of making one more connection. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but trying to cram every last moment full may be a recipe for disaster.”

— Hayley  (plus read 5 more tips from Hayley HERE)


“As an introvert who has previously attended conferences, large groups of people can be extremely exhausting and overwhelming. However, I’ve learned that by constantly reminding myself why God has placed me in this position and surrounded me with so many influential women, I’m able to step outside my comfort zone for one weekend, intentionally seek out others, and create long-lasting, life-giving friendships.”

— Moriah


“Use preparation to your advantage.  Pack your suitcase by outfit, making it super simple to get ready each day.  Browse our upcoming conference edition of the Influence Magazine to investigate some local restaurants for dinner, find unique spots for taking photos with new friends, and to read the story behind the conference and this year’s theme.  And when you get here, be flexible and hold those plans loosely!”

— Lindsey


We can’t wait to see you in two short weeks!

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  1. Lindsay Wilkins 5 years ago

    Awesome post! I love what jessi said about leaving the pretenses at the door. I think it’s easy to get caught up in our own expectations of what we want the weekend to look like, but being open to what god is going to do in us will make it all the better. Can’t wait!

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