Make Your Online Life Mean Something

make your online life mean something

At Influence, we often say “make your online life mean something.” Over the past fifteen years or so, my time on the internet has looked like instant messaging, fact checking, news gathering, online shopping, facebook stalking, blog reading, google searching, image pinning, email checking, and recipe collecting. I can’t even guess the hours that have been spent on the World Wide Web.

We’re all online.

If you are online, then chances are you have been sucked down a few rabbit trails. You have clicked link after link, until you’ve forgotten why you hopped on your computer in the first place. You may have glanced up and wondered where all that time went (?!). And perhaps you closed your laptop down with that nagging feeling that you just wasted a bit of your life.

So what does a catchphrase like, “Make your online life mean something” really mean? First, Influence is here to resource you.

The experts we put in front of you for an hour-long online class can propel you to grow in all sorts of ways, like Bible journaling, or renewing your mind, or writing that ebook.  It might mean that you connect with other women on our private forums to safely discuss topics dear to your heart or ask questions that need answers.  Maybe you need a resource like our monthly case studies to get an insider’s look at how brave, industrious Christian women are walking boldly online and off.

Second, Influence can help you find the women who will stand behind you.  We host community groups, filled with women meeting together online to pursue a common goal, like healthy living, running a small business, adoption, becoming a better writer, or walking through grief.  Sometimes you come to our site just to write down a tender prayer request and know that our prayer team is walking alongside you during a difficult season.

Third, you can travel to Indianapolis at the end of September and turn your online friends into real-life friends at The Influence Conference.  You can meet that speaker/author/writer/instagrammer you’ve admired from a distance and have a conversation! You can bring your best friends and have a weekend of authentic community under the banner of the gospel.  You can party together, eat meals together, sit through sessions together, and stay up late in your hotel rooms talking about life together.

When we say, “make your online life mean something,” it doesn’t mean that the only valuable things that happen are online, like blogging or social media or an e-business. It means that if you spend an hour online, we want you to walk away from your computer refreshed and encouraged. We want you to be reminded that God has given you influence right where you are, and that other women will walk alongside you (from around the globe) to help you pursue Jesus, love others, and work for the Lord, rather than for men.

As the Content Manager at Influence, I’ve noticed we have this intersection of Life and Strategy, Online and Off. While we resource you in all the different combinations, I’m sure there is one that speaks most to you. Do you need Strategies Online, like blogging basics or setting healthy boundaries? Or are you focused on becoming more Strategic Offline, like being smart with money or the basics of publishing?  Do you want to learn how to be a Life-giver Online, like ministering to women or inspiring your Instagram followers? Or are you in a season of lots of Life lived Offline, and we can remind you of your feminine influence or walk with you through overcoming disappointment?

The Influence Conference plays out in the same way.  You can choose – Life or Strategy, or mix and match.  And of course with your ticket purchase, you’ll get access to all the audio recordings after the conference.  So you can listen to your favorite session over and over, and you won’t miss out on any of the amazing speakers we have lined up for you this year.

So, your influence is not about becoming a “somebody” online or gaining followers. It is about using the Internet for good. Influence is about intentionally choosing to surround yourself with like-minded women who can spur you on under the flag of the gospel. The conference is all about an intensive weekend to dig in to what God has for us as modern women, who are online, and who want to invest ourselves in his kingdom work. Doesn’t that sound so much better than frittering away hours online?


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