Episode 002: Rebecca Smith on creative business (podcast)

Rebecca Smith of Better Life Bags

Last week, we launched an exciting project that’s been in the works for months: the Influence Podcast! New episodes will air weekly on Thursdays on topics like blogging and writing, justice, creative business and spiritual growth. Each episode will be available here on the site, but now also in iTunes and your favorite podcast apps! This week’s interview is with Rebecca Smith, owner of Better Life Bags and friend of the Influence Network. Rebecca chats with me (Jacey) about life before her business and children, how her business helps women living in poverty in her city, social media boundaries, comparison and more!

Before we get to the show notes, some EXCITING news: Rebecca will be hosting the podcast once a month, interviewing  other creative business owners!  Notes and links from this episode:

– Rebecca still uses Pandora, but has been told she should switch to Spotify. Her stations of choice are David Nevue, Bethel Music, or Glee.

– We chatted about Rebecca’s teaching job and life before she founded Better Life Bags.

– Rebecca reveals how she met her husband

– Read more about the history of Better Life Bags

– We chat about how her roles as a mother and small business owner affect each other

– Kiva is a great place to give micro small business loans to low-income people

– Rebecca wrote this great blog post to help us with the comparison trap

– Rebecca’s number one book recommendation for small business owners

– Better Life Bags is five years old! Read the Better Life Bags story

– If you’re a creative business owner, make sure you sign up for Rebecca’s newsletter!

– Not a morning person? Neither is Rebecca! It’s totally okay.

– Connect with Rebecca on her blog or Instagram (her social media platform of choice)!

– Your host for this episode is Jacey- connect with her on Instagram or Twitter

So, listeners: Spotify or Pandora? When and where do you get most of your ideas? Does anyone know what MT on Twitter means? Tell us in the comments, on Twitter, or email me at podcast@theinfluencenetwork.com! If you like the show, would you consider rating and reviewing it in iTunes? Thanks a million!

  1. AniKa 3 years ago

    Bummer! I can’t seem to download this podcast from canada. I’d love to listen!

  2. I loved this episode with Rebecca and am thrilled that she’s going to be hosting once a month!

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