Episode 004: The Influence Conference special edition podcast


This week’s podcast is a special Influence conference edition! Listen while you pack to get excited and ready for this weekend’s happenings. It’s finally here!

Show notes for this episode:

Caroline Garza


Caroline Garza shares her experience as a first time conference attendee last year. If you’re coming for the first time and feeling a bit nervous, she’ll for sure help you feel at ease.



Chris and Rachael Kincaid, who will be leading worship at the conference, share their hearts behind worship and this community of women.

Meaghan Grable

Meaghan Grable shares about her experience as a first time attendee and introvert last year. Her best advice? Walk up and introduce yourself, even when it feels scary!

If you’re not a member of the network yet, be sure to join so that you can attend Lara Casey’s special session at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis, or around the internet!

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  1. […] realize that I said in the Influence podcast not to hang with your roommates all weekend, but I was a bit guilty of that this time around. […]

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