Episode 008: a conversation with Lara Casey (podcast)


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In this episode, Jacey talks with Lara Casey about gospel centered goal setting, how the “why” of what she does has changed over the years, and what building His kingdom instead of her own means to her.

Show notes for this episode:

– Marriage is very important to Lara, and she calls herself a “grateful wife,” as God saved her marriage and she’s grateful.

– Lara runs a workshop called Making Things Happen.

– Why she doesn’t feel busy

– Why she’s not a fan of the word “platform”

– “We would do well to let people know we’re not super women.”

– How to find your core

– Success: in God’s eyes, not the world’s eyes

 – “I used to think success and balance were opposites.”

– What is driving us? If it’s fear, be tender with yourself: look at those fears and empty places as places for God to completely fill us.

– The charge that we have is to stop. be still. and take stock.

– God doesn’t care how many followers you have on social media.

– Anything good in us He put there.

You can connect with Lara on Instagram. Check out her shop, magazine, and book.

Thanks so much for listening!


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