Episode 013: Kat Lee of How They Blog and Inspired to Action (podcast)

Kat Lee

In this episode, Jacey talks with Kat Lee, the blogger and podcaster behind Inspired to Action and How They Blog. We talk about how much time all of this really takes, how it’s changed since Kat got started in 2010, and how to find genuine meaningful friendships online.

Show notes for this episode:

– How Kat chose motherhood as the topic for her blog

– The ultimate goal of How They Blog was to make it feasible for her to keep ministering to moms

– Ask yourself where you can make the biggest impact, and invest there.

– “It’s not as complicated as it seems; just look to help people.”

– “Success is doing what God wants me to do in that season and in that moment.”

– No one that will ever or has ever existed will be just like you or have what you have to offer.

– Do as little as possible as well as possible.

– Just in time learning: focus only on information you need for what you’re working on right now.

– Conferences and Twitter have been the best ways for Kat to make online friends.

Tools, resources and links we discussed:

Hello Mornings

The Blog Planning Kit

Strengths Finder

– Amy Lynn’s Useletter

– Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog and podcast

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown


25 Things I Don’t Want You to Know About Me

Connect with Kat on Inspired to Action or Instagram!


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