Speaker Session Sneak Peek!

As promised, we have a few sneak peeks of speaker sessions to share with you. We are bubbling with excitement about all of the speakers we have lined up this year. We’ll be highlighting more exciting plans that are in the works next week (you really don’t want to miss what we’re working hard on!) and a preview of a special, member-only session happening during the conference.

erin-loechner-412x618_0Erin Loechner is a former director/stylist in Los Angeles. Erin has been blogging and speaking for more than a decade and has garnered a loyal, design-loving following with over one million fans worldwide. Now nestled in a Midwestern town, her heartfelt writing and design work has been showcased in a variety of publications (The New York Times, Glamour, Lucky, Parenting, Dwell, Marie Claire, Elle Decor, Huffington Post) and in a 2-year/24-episode web show on HGTV.com. She has spoken for an dappeared in renowned international events for clients such as Walt Disney World, IKEA, Martha Stewart and Home Depot. Erin is passionate about God, design and people (and God’s design for His people). Also, puns. Clearly.

Erin’s session is titled “LEAN BACK: ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THE WEARY, THE TIRED, THE WOMEN IN THE TRENCHES” and will explore how all the books say, “lean in” and the crowds push us to “just do it”. But, honestly you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in weeks, and how can you conquer your dreams when you can’t muster the strength to conquer the laundry pile? Lean back. Deep breaths. Surrender. Erin is learning to value slow over fast, quiet over noise, and grace over grit. Because sometimes, leaning back is the only way to move forward.

ruth simons

Ruth Simmons is an unlikely mom to six young boys and wife to a very patient man. She’s an artist, writer, and speaker and she shares her journey and how God’s grace intersects daily life at GraceLaced.com. When she’s not painting and running her shoppe, she’s usually washing unending loads of laundry, cooking for large crowds, and teaching her boys from home part time through the classical Christian school, Oak Grove Classical Academy, that she and her husband founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico after 10 years of full-time pastoral ministry.

Ruth’s session is titled “ARMED WITH TRUTH: THE URGENCY OF PREACHING TO YOURSELF” and will dive into discussion about how in a world of self-help and self-confidence, Christ calls us to self-examine with the word of God, and to arm ourselves with the same. If you lack wisdom, if you need courage, if you are forgetful, if you doubt, if you fear, if you want to know how the cross intersects your daily life as you live out your calling… the art of preaching truth to yourself is the invaluable line of defense for all seasons.

Alex HooverAlexandra Hoover is the wife to a southern bred drummer and a momma. A hope dealer, and people gatherer. Her heart is for encouraging women to live in and love the heart of their mission. Alexandra was raised in Anchorage, Alaska and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina about 9 years ago. She’s a full-time working momma, who loves Jesus, lots of coffee, and is a full time user of God’s everlasting grace. She believes God’s grace goes hand in hand with his love for us. She is the Author of Espresso Grace and founder of She Encounters.

Alexandra’s session is titled “FREEDOM IN THE HEART OF YOUR MISSION”. You will leave knowing you’re equipped to follow through on the burdens God has given you. When God called us to be on Mission, what did he mean by that? What does it look like for us to be on mission in our lives? We hear about the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20, but do we truly understand how we play a role in that? We go about life feeling weary, lost, and discouraged. Our hearts are heavy and our minds are stuck in destructive patterns of thinking. The truth is–God created you for such a time as things. He knew what He was doing when He called you to be right where you are… to be on mission where He has placed you. It’s time to be FREE in that. Having freedom in the heart of your mission allows you to truly see what it is that you are where you are. You are His daughter, called to live free in your mission for Him.

Do you already have your conference ticket? We can wait to see you in Indy NEXT MONTH! And, if you don’t have your ticket yet, what are you waiting for? We want to see you there. The ticket deadline is approaching quickly and we’re selling out. Hop on to it and grab yours today!


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