Episode 036: Gina Zeidler

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In this episode, Jacey Verdicchio talks with Gina Zeidler, lifestyle and wedding photographer and mentor to many women through Making Things Happen and one on one. Gina shares what the Lord has taught her (and the continued struggle) of her infertility journey and the first year of motherhood.

What you’ll hear:

  • Lessons from Gina’s infertility journey
  • How to avoid being a “fixer” when a friend is struggling with infertility
  • Spiritual lessons learned in a difficult first year as a parent


“I don’t think we deal with waiting that often.” Gina Zeidler

“Lean into the Lord as much as you can because He has a plan and I don’t know what that plan is, but I’m hoping that it brings you closer to Him.” Gina Zeidler

“I was surprised the worry didn’t go away [once I got pregnant].” Gina Zeidler

“It’s been a season of the Lord taking me out of my normal, and putting me into the unbelievably uncomfortable.” Gina Zeidler

“Your life isn’t about becoming as comfortable as you possibly can; it’s about knowing Me deeper and really living for Me.” Gina Zeidler

“If you’re starting to talk in all-or-nothings, check yourself.” Gina Zeidler



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