Episode 037: Ruth Simons of Gracelaced

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In this episode, Jacey Verdicchio talks with Ruth Simons, founder and owner of Gracelaced. They discuss how the Lord changed Ruth’s heart towards motherhood, the mission field at home, and the value of a clear “why” when pursuing creative dreams.

What you’ll hear:

  • What a “day in the life” looks like for Ruth
  • Why Ruth describes herself as an “unlikely mom”
  • The mission field at home
  • Her first impression of classical education when her husband presented her with the idea
  • Why Ruth’s heart is more in the “why” than the “how” of creative dreams


“I can’t buy into the lie that I can do everything.” Ruth Simons

“The Lord really changed my heart to desire and fall in love with the work of motherhood.” Ruth Simons

“The big lightbulb moment was that I had a mission field – at the changing table, at the kitchen table.” Ruth Simons

“We work hard and trust the Lord to equip us for what He calls us to.” Ruth Simons

“I think so often we’re driven by the anxious feeling that we’re going to miss out if we don’t produce and do well and fulfill every longing of our heart’s desire right now.” Ruth Simons

“If you are driven by the why, then however it comes, it’s a blessing.” Ruth Simons


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  1. Laura Piersall 1 year ago

    Ruth, thank you so much for sharing. I am a mom of two little boys and I am also interested in art and encouraging women through scripture. I have been praying lately for direction about art, motherhood and ministry. Listening to this podcast was definitely an answer to that prayer. I especially feel comforted by hear you say that it took 13 years to open up a shop. I don’t know that I would ever want to do that, but knowing that there are different seasons (especially due to motherhood) and I don’t need to grasp for “my dream” at this moment is a very good reminder to me.

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