Episode 041: Shannan Martin of Flower Patch Farmgirl

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In this episode, Jacey Verdicchio talks with Shannan Martin of Flower Patch Farmgirl. They discuss obedience one step at a time, what it looks like to practically love your neighbor, and what Shannan is currently reading.


“We began to take seriously that we were called to love our neighbor, and to love the poor and the forgotten and the marginalized, and we didn’t really know a lot of people that fell into those categories.” Shannan Martin

“We had no idea the way that God was going to use our neighbor to help us.” Shannan Martin

“There’s real beauty in connecting with people who believe differently than we do.” Shannan Martin

“God’s got the game plan here, and my part might just be to keep my door ajar.” Shannan Martin

“That’s what the Body of Christ does: we welcome each other they way that we are, and we choose to walk towards somebody’s pain instead of away from it.” Shannan Martin

“For us, God’s more was going to look like less.” Shannan Martin


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