Episode 043: Ashlee Proffitt

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In this episode, Jacey Verdicchio talks with Ashlee Proffitt about keeping a compartmentalized calendar with a cohesive mission, priorities, and the importance of the local church.


“The mission of my business is to inspire and encourage women with the truth.” Ashlee Proffitt

“Best move I ever made was creating an actual space and time for my work in order for it to be a blessing to our family.” Ashlee Proffitt

“Bringing my kids into the story God has written for me is also part of their story.” Ashlee Proffitt

“God’s not tricky; He will answer you.” Ashlee Proffitt

“Your primary source of community should happen in real life.” Ashlee Proffitt

“Sometimes we replace the community that’s right in front of us with a community that’s a little easier to dial into because they don’t have to know all the mess.” Ashlee Proffitt



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