Episode 046: Amena Brown Owen


In this episode, Jacey Verdicchio talks Amena Brown Owen, spoken word poet and author. They chat about the rise of the creative class, what it’s like to work with her husband, and how her roots affect her writing and faith.


“Spoken word is if hip hop and jazz had a poetry baby.” Amena Brown Owen

“You can only find your voice as a performer by performing, and you can only find your voice as a writer by writing.” Amena Brown Owen

“I will have a certain end I will come to of what I can do and other women will come along who can do better and who can do more than I can do. I owe it to them to do the best I can with the time I have.” Amena Brown Owen

“I feel a responsibility as an artist in so many ways to use my voice well. I feel that way as a woman. I feel that way as an African American woman. I feel that way as a believer.” Amena Brown Owen

“The first thing that’s important for me as an African American artist is to be, and to fully be, myself.” Amena Brown Owen


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  1. Alysa 2 years ago

    Love this interview Amena! Your story and wisdom is lovely.

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