Episode 49: Renee Swope


In this episode, Jamie Ivey talks with Renee Swope about overcoming self doubt, influence for God’s glory, and how to move forward in God’s will for your life when the path feels daunting, and how to find a mentor.


“God had to strip me of comparison and show me how detrimental and truly destructive it was.” Renee Swope

“For so many years I had tried to change the way I felt, but it was never permanent. I truly had to go back and change the way that I thought.” Renee Swope

“When we act on God’s promises, it activates God’s power.” Renee Swope

“We were created for glory, but not our own.” Renee Swope

“When we go after a glory or an influence that points people to ourselves — we’re not built for the weight of that.” Renee Swope

“God always called people to impossible things [in scripture] so that He could show up in the midst of them and prove who He was.” Renee Swope

“Do the next thing that’s right in front of you.” Renee Swope

“The best impact we can make is from a place of needing God and experiencing Him.” Renee Swope



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