Introducing The Influence Commons

In 2017, we’re working through a syllabus of ideas revolving around the outworking of the Christian faith. We want to be more about obeying than we are just about knowing the Word of God. We want to exercise the God-given influence we know we already have. We want to get used to using it.

And because we’re so interested in this, we want to give you writerly types the opportunity to use your voice. We know that it isn’t always easy to get involved in public writing. We know that it’s difficult to know how, we know it’s difficult to get in front of the right people, and we know that so many women are called to communicate through the written word.

In 2017, The Influence Network is opening The Influence Commons, offering up our public space for Christian women to write about the Lord, the world, and their relationship with both. We have an editor, a plan, and even a prize.

A prize? Well, after a short break from events in 2017, we’ll return in 2018 with at least an intensive writer’s retreat and workshop. We’ll offer 3 scholarship positions chosen from the submissions on The Influence Commons.

So, what next? Well, get your pitches ready and send them in! You only have to be an Influence member to pitch–we want to keep this as level a playing field as absolutely possible, and this helps us keep it to only serious queries.

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  1. This is super exciting! I’m going to be praying about this opportunity. 🙂 Thank you, ladies!

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