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Frequently Asked Questions

By becoming a member, you’ll have access to free weekly classes, a weekly Care Package in your email inbox, an opportunity to connect with other members through forums and regional groups, and member discounts/perks for all Influence Network Events.

Your card will be automatically billed every month on the date that you signed up. If you sign up on the 3rd, you’ll always be billed on the 3rd. If you need to stop your membership, you can easily stop your subscription on the site by going to MY MEMBERSHIP and you won’t be billed the following month. Once you cancel your membership, your login will remain active but you will no longer have access to the network features such as connection with other members, groups, free downloads, and more.

*If you originally subscribed to the network through PayPal, you will need to manually cancel your InfluenceNet subscription through your PayPal account, as well. To do that, log into your PayPal account, search “recurring monthly payments” and hit cancel from your InfluenceNet subscription. Email help@theinfluencenetwork.com if you encounter any issues canceling through PayPal.

If your credit card expires and payment can’t be made, your membership will expire! However, it is simple to resubscribe – just rejoin as an existing member. All of your previous conversation history will be saved.

If you know your credit card is about to expire, update it under MY MEMBERSHIP. If you are subscribed through PayPal, you will need to update your credit card information in your PayPal account.

After you sign up, you’ll be redirected to a welcome page and be logged into the site. After you’ve signed up for the network, we encourage you to go to your profile and add a lovely picture of yourself and cover image for personality. You can also add your social spaces and website. Then you’re off to enjoy all the goodies of the community.

Head over to the DASHBOARD to download your Welcome PDF! It’s an important document we’ve created to help you learn how to navigate that network and utilize your membership to the fullest. To start connecting with women in your area, join a Regional Connection Group and join your community for a free class every week. As a member, you’ll get a little care package in your inbox every week with encouragement and resources.

Our classes are open to the public for $17.50 per class! BUT, if you’re thinking of attending even one class, it’s a great idea to sign up for a network membership. Members get ALL weekly classes for FREE every month!

It’s easy! Log into your membership account and head to the DASHBOARD. There, you’ll see a box on the top right with your list of free classes for the month. When a live class is about to start (we schedule our classes for 9pm EST), simply click the link and join your community for an evening of engaging conversation while learning together.

After the live class takes place, the link will be replaced with the class recording for 72 hours. After 3 days, the class recording will be removed and available for purchase on the CLASSES page.

The Influence Network is a membership community of women exploring their God-given influence, right where they are. We are a network for Christian women or those looking to explore the Christian faith.

Rather than asking for help on social media, and for the quickest response, ALWAYS email Moriah, our Member Care Manager, concerning any issues you encounter when using the network site. She’s ready and eager to help you: help@theinfluencenetwork.com.

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