MEMBERS: if you are looking for your list of free classes for the month, please log into your account and click DASHBOARD. This page is meant for nonmembers and members who are interested in purchasing a class and having permanent access to the recording.

When you purchase one of the current month’s classes, you can watch recording when it is most convenient for you. New classes after July 1, 2016 are viewable on any type of device that has wifi (phone, tablet, laptop).

We’ve also made some of our most popular past classes available exclusively as recordings for you to purchase now! Classes are for everyone. There’s no need to be a member, although, the $15/month membership gives you the latest free classes all month long. Our members enjoy weekly classes from top Christian leaders like worship leaders Christa Black & Amanda Cook, authors Annie Downs and Lara Casey, Bible Journaling creator Shanna Noel, entrepreneurs Whitney English and Nancy Ray, podcaster Jamie Ivey, and blogger Kate Bryan from the Small Things Blog.

New classes are free all month long for Network members. If you purchase a class as a non-member, you will always have access to the recording.

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