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    A few weeks ago we felt a stirring. 

    We’d had a twisty few days amongst the network and conference leadership and we had thumping hearts and questions in our mind about where we were headed. Do you have twisty days? Days where you sure hope you’re headed in the right direction, but you’re not 100% positive. We’ve learned to listen to the Lord on those days and lean into the suspicion that something might not be quite right. Our team committed to pray for 48 hours and then we’d have our weekly conference meeting and see what He might be up to.

    The main problem we kept coming up against was this: Do women think that they have to be bloggers or super well known bloggers to have an impact in this life? Have we helped promote that massive misunderstanding? Since the inception of Influence we have whole heartedly believed that YOU have influence right where you are – and we want to equip you right there. But sometimes that is an easier message to nod your head to and a harder one to swallow whole when comparing your personal ministry to someone else’s. But we needed to find a way to shout a little louder to everyone – You don’t have to have a blog, You don’t have to be famous online, You don’t have to be an author or a speaker on the Christian circuit – you have to walk in the life God has given you, sharing the message of the Good News RIGHT THERE.

    We need a revival. We need to be able to refresh women in the message.

    We’ve added a completely new portion to The Influence Conference schedule based on this prompting from the Lord. Friday afternoon we’ll now be having a handful of Message Revivals and you get to pick which one you’d most like to go to. These will be quick gatherings to reignite your heart for the place the message of the Good News goes forth the most in your life. We’ll spend time praying together in groups and doing some equipping and empowering as we gather together. If your home is your main #1 place of ministry, if you’re in full time ministry, if you work full time, if you’re learning to use your words, if the idea of social justice keeps you up at night, if you love sharing Gospel-centered images on instagram, or even if you just need some revival in the way you do community – we want to meet you right where you are.

    Come back on Wednesday for more information about our Message Revival groups, including topics + leaders. And grab your Influence Conference ticket before they’re sold out.

    We’re ready for revival of this community and this generation.
    We’d love to have you there with us.

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    Ashley here! Erin and Kara-Kae two of your conference community leaders who are also on the event team are helping to ensure you ladies have a really fulfilling, faith-filled and fun weekend in september. And today they wanted to to announce a little something special we have happening on the first night.


    Conference planning is in full-swing and we are now almost three months away! (Do you have your ticket?) And today, we are super excited to tell you more about your first experience at the 2014 Influence Conference– the welcome party! This year’s welcome party will be a Black and White Party. Don’t you just love a party with a fun dress code?

    Sponsored by Mocha Club, this year’s party will set the tone for a great conference weekend, give you a chance to meet new friends, hug old friends, laugh a lot, let loose or sit back and relax. We will have something for everyone; introverts and extroverts. We’ll have a little coffee, some dessert, meet some new friends, and maybe even do a little dancing.


    Now don’t be nervous, because of the year round network forums, classes, events, and social media connections there is no reason anyone should be walking into this party without knowing someone they met online! Why the black and white theme? Because we love having some direction when planning our wardrobe for travel and conference. And because when you walk into this welcome party, you will be surrounded by a few hundred women who get you, and want to know you, and a theme just makes it that much more fun! And we all have a little bit of black and white in our  closets.

    We are honored to be partnering with Mocha Club for this fun event to welcome you to The Influence Conference. Our hearts have been so incredibly connected to Mocha Club since the beginning of Influence. Mocha Club is a community of people giving up the cost of a few mochas a month to fund development projects in Africa. They work in five main project areas: Clean Water, Education, Economic Freedom, Orphan Care, and Healthcare.

    At the party, you will get to learn more about the amazing work that Mocha Club is doing, have the opportunity to sign up to join Mocha Club and learn about some of the purpose projects that Mocha Club has done (and meet many of our women who have completed these projects!). We are so thrilled to be working with Mocha Club and help further their amazing cause all year!

    It’s going to be such a fun night to let loose with old friends, hug some new friends, and learn more about Mocha Club and how we can make small sacrifices to make a big impact. Wont you join us?

    inlfuence blog

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    The topic is a bit of a strange one for some, but blogging conferences are an integral part of this online generation. Held throughout the year and throughout the world, the blogging conference offers a way for friends to meet for the first time in real life, in a safe environment. It provides tools and resources for writers to take their brand and ideas to the next level. It teaches communicators how to make their voice heard, how to make their voice count. It creates opportunities for people to make a difference and give back to the community.

    The Influence Conference does a lot of those things. It offers a way for friends to meet for the first time in real life, in a safe environment. It provides tools and resources for writers to take their brand and ideas to the next level. It teaches communicators how to make their voice heard, how to make their voice count. It creates opportunities for people to make a difference and give back to the community.

    Here at the Influence Network, we believe that Jesus loves the internet as much as we do, and that a blogging conference is a good place for Him to engage us. A blogging conference is a place where the Lord can show up and do big things. Hear us say that there is nothing wrong with blogging conferences. But hear us also say that the Influence Conference isn’t one of them.

    We don’t care if you have a big blog, a small blog, or no blog at all. We don’t care if you’ve decided to quit blogging, or if you’ve never blogged and never plan to. If you are a blogger, and you are looking for a blogging conference, read above. This event will deliver. But our focus is on helping you build something much wider than your online presence. Instead, we want to help you build a presence that’s focused on eternity. A presence that is anchored by the Good News. A presence that lasts. A presence that starts as a quiet whisper in your home and rings on for generations. It isn’t just a tagline when we say that you have influence, right where you are. We want to help you explore that and make it mean something in your life, both online and off.

    So for you women who need to breathe deeply without your kids for awhile, for you women who want to be moms and aren’t yet, for you women who long to make your creative dreams mean something, for you women who work long hours outside of the home, for you women who signed up for a life of ministry on purpose or by default, for you women who are madly in love with your Savior, and for you women who aren’t even sure if you need saving yet… this weekend is for you. Hear us say that, loud and clear.