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    Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 5.38.36 PM

    In this episode, Jamie talks with Jessica Honegger, founder of Noonday Collection, and Jalia Muwanga, founder of Noonday’s first partner artisan group in Kampala, Uganda. They talk about how Noonday has impacted both of their communities and how they’ve grown businesses from the ground up.

    Show notes from this episode:

    – Noonday Collection partners with artisan businesses who work in vulnerable communities and connects them to a marketplace here in America, where they sell the handmade goods. They also develop the businesses through fair trade, collaborative design, capacity building, responsible financing and long term partnership.

    – Jessica and Jalia have built their businesses alongside each other. (Jalia owns a small business that supplies the Noonday Collection.)

    – Long term relationships with partner businesses are important because artisans need consistency. They can’t dream about their futures until there is sustainability in their own lives.

    – Jalia was scared that the partnership wouldn’t continue and whether they could count on it the next month. It took one or two years and her first Noonday conference for Jalia to truly believe it was for real.

    – Jessica initially started selling the goods Jalia and her husband made to fundraise for her adoption. After doing it for a few months, Jessica saw the potential for it to grow beyond an adoption fundraiser.

    – Jalia says she has changed so much personally and gained confidence in herself in the four years that she’s built her business. Their lives have changed financially, and they are able to employ women who can make an income for their families and send their children to school.

    – Jalia sees self esteem and confidence in women she employs, who often come from backgrounds of shame and abuse.

    “We can change the world when we walk in our gifts and shine.”

    – Jesus is the same here and in Africa.

    “Vocation is when your greatest gifts meet the world’s greatest need.” – Frederick Buechner

    “My passion is to see many people [in our country] employed, especially women.” – Jalia

    Your host for this episode is Jamie Ivey. You can connect with her on her blog, Instagram, or Twitter.

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    Big exciting news here at Influence! We are teaming up with Lara Casey and Thomas Nelson to bring Make It Happen to the Influence Network Book Club!!

    Just like last time, the first 500 Influence Network members to sign up will receive a copy of Lara’s book absolutely free. We know some of you may have already bought Lara’s book and if you have, we’d love for you to gift your copy or leave the free copies for another member. Anyone (Network member or not) can join in with us as read the book together, but only members will receive the book for free. YOU MUST SIGN UP BY JANUARY 23 TO RECEIVE A BOOK! 

    These free copies will be sent out after the 23rd. We’ll have a kickoff simulcast with the lovely Lara Casey herself the first week of February. We’ll email all book club members and alert them of the simulcast official date and other activities we’ll be doing to read the book together.

    We’ve read this book cover to cover and genuinely cannot suggest it enough, what a huge blessing this is for our community! This of you who know Lara or have heard her speak at The Influence Conference know – she is rooted in the gospel and inspiring beyond words. Don’t wait – sign up today! Those 500 copies will go quickly! More details coming soon!

    Click here to sign up for your FREE book! (you must be signed in as a Network member to follow this link, if you’d like to become a member sign up here!)


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    rouge and whimsy

    In this episode, Jacey talks with Erika Riggs of the blog and shop, Rouge and Whimsy. They talk about creativity, balance (especially if you work more than one job or have a shop on the side,) margin, running, saying no, and Erika’s one word of 2015.

    Show notes:

    – Erika’s shop sells bags, totes, and wristlets.

    – Erika says she learned a lot about what NOT to do when she first started her shop.

    – She’s learned what works and what doesn’t by trial, through lots of Googling, and by reading the abundant Etsy articles.

    –  Erika shares what inspires her to spend time on her blog and shop, despite having a full time job that accounts for many hours of her time.

    – Erika first started her blog because she needed a creative outlet when she felt undervalued and exhausted by her day job.

    – Erika shares her schedule and how she balances both a full time job as well as her shop, blog and relationships.

    – Erika has to say no to professional things often.

    – “There are lots of good things, but only a few great things.”

    – Erika shares her one word for 2015: new


    – Erika’s blog post about margin

    Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

    – Erika’s blog post about her one word for 2015

    – You can connect with Erika on Instagram, Twitter, or her blog. And definitely check out her shop!

    – Your host for this episode was Jacey, and you can connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, or her blog.