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    If you’ve taken the time to rate and review our podcast on iTunes, thank you. If you haven’t had a chance yet, would you head there now? We SO appreciate it.

    In this episode, Jacey talks with Lara Casey about gospel centered goal setting, how the “why” of what she does has changed over the years, and what building His kingdom instead of her own means to her.

    Show notes for this episode:

    – Marriage is very important to Lara, and she calls herself a “grateful wife,” as God saved her marriage and she’s grateful.

    – Lara runs a workshop called Making Things Happen.

    – Why she doesn’t feel busy

    – Why she’s not a fan of the word “platform”

    – “We would do well to let people know we’re not super women.”

    – How to find your core

    – Success: in God’s eyes, not the world’s eyes

     – “I used to think success and balance were opposites.”

    – What is driving us? If it’s fear, be tender with yourself: look at those fears and empty places as places for God to completely fill us.

    – The charge that we have is to stop. be still. and take stock.

    – God doesn’t care how many followers you have on social media.

    – Anything good in us He put there.

    You can connect with Lara on Instagram. Check out her shop, magazine, and book.

    Thanks so much for listening!


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    Dear Influence Members,

    Good news for you today! In addition to the conference audio of all our 2014 speakers, available in The Influence Shop, you can now listen to two new recordings from our panels of accessible experts! Just log in to your member dashboard and click on “Downloads” for this exclusive content.

    2014 #InfluenceConf Strategy Panel

    Our strategy panel experts, Lindsay LettersShanna NoelNatalie of The Busy Budgeting MamaRebecca of Better Life Bags and Mandy Rose, gave practical tips to leverage a business, ministry, or blog for God’s glory and your good.  They believe that your influence online and off can bless you and your ministries relationally and even financially.

    2014 #InfluenceConf Life Panel

    Our life panel, composed of Network core team members Lindsey KublyMoriah Sunde , Ashley Noelle , and Rachael Kincaid, shared that every woman has a story to tell, full to the brim with the goodness of God. Get to know the heart of some of the women who help to run the Network through this session.

    If you’re not a member yet, believe us when we say, there’s a place for you!  And if you haven’t grabbed a conference ticket for 2015 yet, you can buy your earlybird ticket today and experience these types of sessions live next fall!   We’d absolutely love for you to join us

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    31 Days

    Posted in Network News

    For years, Myquillyn Smith, also known as The Nester, has been hosting a link up on her blog called “31 Days…” in the month of October. This linkup started as a small group of women writing about the same topic for 31 straight days. Since then it has grown to well over 1600 blogs and has become a litmus test for many great eBooks birthed out of the process of writing for 31 days in a row.

    If you’ve never heard of #31days, we’ve compiled a few series for you to browse. Pick a couple topics that you’re interested in (there are over 1600, so there’s sure to be something for you!). We’re about halfway through the month, so you should have 20 posts to read, and you can expect about 11 more to come! Cheer on the author in the comments, pin a few posts you don’t want to forget, and be encouraged.

    If you are participating in #31days this year, as a Network we want to cheer you on. We’ve highlighted a few favorite series from our community, and we’d love for you to add your series and link in the commments!

    31 days | The Influence Network

    31 days of Settling Down and Looking Up, Pint Sized Mama

    31 Days of Breaking Bread - Blue Eyed Bride

    31 Days to Live Small, Amy Ruth Writer

    31 Life Hacks for the Working Mom, Rebecca Smith Online

    31 Days of Love over Fear in Relationships, The Balanced Wife

    31 Days of Living as a Noticer, Nadine Would Say

    31 Days of Exploring Community, The Tapestry

    31 Days of Practicing Messy Motherhood, Jess Connolly

    31 Days from Writing to Writer, Leia Bryn

    31 Books Every Young Woman Needs, Annie F Downs

    If you’d like to read more about the behind-the-scenes process of writing for 31 days, check out the 31 Days article from The Influence Magazine.

    Would you like to be a member of The Influence Network? We’d love to have you! Get more information here.