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    In this episode, Jacey talks with Crystal Stine, a writer, speaker, and the editor and marketing manager for (in)courage, Dayspring’s website for women. They discuss how to build community online, balance community online and in real life,  and make time to interact online AND create content.

    Show notes for this episode:


    – What Crystal would tell people to someone who wants to get involved with online community, but isn’t sure where to start.

    – Instead of asking, “what can they do for me?” approach the Internet with a “what can I do to bless them?” mentality

    – You’re not alone, and you’re doing so much better than you think.

    – What does hospitality look like online?

    – Be okay with sharing your story first, especially when it’s hard.

    “Wherever you are is a good & important place. Start there.” – Gary Moreland

    “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” – Malcolm S. Forbes.

    Blogging and online life:

    – Crystal shares ways to take breaks from the Internet during the holidays without completely disappearing online

    – Real life community is crucial to having interesting things to write about and share online.

    – How Crystal has gotten opportunities online

    – The Internet can turn into a magnifying glass for our insecurities.


    Edit Flow




    – Crystal’s blog post about what surprises her most about having an only child

    – Crystal’s 31 day series on community

    – Crystal’s post about yoga and community

    – The Declare conference

    Content with Crystal on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or her website.

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    Today we have such exciting news! We are way ahead of ourselves but the tickets for The Influence Conference 2015 are selling so fast we we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to hear the details before we sell out!


    Join us September 17th-19th, 2015 back in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Westin Hotel for our FOURTH year in a row. This coming year we’ll be shaking things up, veering away from our tradition life + strategy track and focusing on equipping women in their passions, their projects, and in the places God has called them to. The thing that will stay the same? Our dedication to provide women with real and tangible tools to grow in the influence God has given them AND our commitment to make the Good News our common thread.

    We have a limited number of early bird tickets at a discounts price of $250 available through December 31st. Starting January 1, tickets will be $300 until we sell out! Network Members will be receiving a 10% discount- (if you are looking for your code, feel free to email Just a heads up: we want to honor those who made the commitment and already purchased early bird tickets, as well as network members, so these are the set ticket prices. We will not be offering any other discounted rates.  So if you haven’t joined yet, head on over and sign up!

    And the speakers?


    Hayley Morgan + Jess Connolly + Rach Kincaid

    Lara Casey Rebekah Lyons + Erin Loechner

    Ben Arment + Ruth Simons + Lisa-Jo Baker

    We are thrilled about this year’s speakers. Ok, it’s true, we’re excited every year, but this year is gonna be so good! And as always we have a few tricks still up our sleeves! If you want all the latest deets and Influence Network news you can sign up for the newsletter here.

    Can we just say again, in case you haven’t heard it enough, this conference is for ALL women and we want you there. Not for us bUt because we truly believe that God is directing our steps, and we truly believe that He wants YOU to use your influence for good. If you are wondering what the conference is like, you can read recaps from last year here. If you want to actually experience last year’s conference at home, you can head here for a breakdown of the sessions and the links to order them. If you’ve already purchased your ticket and want to help us spread the word feel free to share the image below!


    If you are looking for more information, head on over to The Influence Conference page. We are so excited for this year and can’t wait to see you all there! Purchase your ticket today and join us!

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    Welcome to this creative business episode of The Influence Podcast! Before we get started, would you consider heading to iTunes and leaving an honest rating and review for our share? We’d be so grateful!

    In this episode, Rebecca of Better Life Bags interviews Bethany Tran, founder of an ethical accessory company called The Root Collective. They talk about how she got started, marketing ideas and tips, and the wonderful world of interns.

    Show notes for this episode:

    – The Root Collective is an ethically sourced company that partners with small scale artisan businesses in marginalized communities, mostly in Guatemala and Kenya.

    – They partner with these businesses in rural and slum communities to help bring about change in their communities.

    – Their shoes are their most unique and popular item.

    – Otto, who makes the shoes, hires former gang members who would otherwise be stuck in poverty.

    – 10% of profits go back to nonprofit partners who work in the same communities where their artisans live.

    – Lemonade International is one of their nonprofit partners

    – Bethany has a background in marketing

    – The Half the Sky documentary prompted Bethany to call the Director of Lemonade International

    – The Root Collective just celebrated their first birthday!

    – Connecting with nonprofits involved in a cause you’re passionate about can be a great way to find out how to get involved.

    – There can be a lot of poverty and violence behind the products we buy.

    – When we spend money, we’re voting for the kind of world we want to live in.

    – Everlane is a great ethical company to buy from.

    – Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are.

    – Simplifying your message can be difficult, but is super important.

    – Marketing is an art, not a science- be willing to test things!

    – Bethany has found that being personal and authentic on social media goes a long way.

    – Twitter is a great networking tool, but takes a lot of time.

    – If you’re looking for interns, post the internship with local universities.

    – Bethany shares how she came up with the name The Root Collective for her business.

    – Bethany’s big goal: to get the shoes they sell in Nordstrom and Anthropologie

    – Connect with Bethany on Twitter (@ihearttrc), Facebook, or Instagram (@therootcollective)