We are super blessed and exited to be sharing in this fast with you all! Let’s get right into this upcoming week’s, shall we?

Tomorrow, we’re giving up…


Whatever you do on your work break or during your kids’ nap times, we want you to quit it for a day. Ignore the television, the magazine, the bubble bath, and focus on Jesus during your down time tomorrow. We’d like you to fill that time with prayer for this year’s conference logistics.

Pray for travel mercies. We want people arriving safely and on time, with their luggage.

Pray for hotel dynamics. We want lifelong friendship built, room assignments correct, accommodations lush and full of rest.

Pray for efficient technology. We want our speakers to be amplified clearly and our internet signals to be fast and effective.


We’d love to hear how you’re faring, and what the Lord’s telling you while you fast. We acknowledge that fasting is a private and sacred practice, but we also know that it can be overwhelming and intimidating for some. If you’re interested in sharing and finding support during the day, head on over to our forums to chat with some like-minded sisters. Who knows what sort of big things God has in store for us during this conference, if only we’ll ask Him and listen!

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  1. Kristin Cho 5 years ago

    on it. this is going to be the hardest one yet because i surely love my down time. blessed to cover this conference in prayer xo

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