Live from the conference Prayer Suite! How can we pray for you?

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For those of you who could not attend Influence Conference this year, out of sight is not out of mind. Even though you are not here with us in person, you are here with us in spirit, the Spirit that draws us together between states, countries, and continents. We are thinking of you. We are thankful for you. You number more than the fraction of us that are going to be at Influence, and your heart is treasured just as much. We want to be present to you, especially now. We want this weekend’s tweets, posts, and Instagram pictures to bring you in, not make you feel left out. We need you to engage with us, ask questions over Twitter, respond to posts, comment on status updates.


And we want you to be present with us. You are an integral part of our community whether you ever set foot at a conference or not. This network is for you. For you. For you. Remember in Sunday school or bible class or even in literature lectures, repeated words are stressed for a reason. So the idea, concept, or truth will resonate, sink in, take root.


So let this take root in you. We are for you. We are with you. One of our slogans is: “Find the women who will stand behind you.” That’s us. Except sometimes we’re sitting next to you, across from you through a screen , or living one town over. This weekend we want to be the women on our knees for you. We have a designated prayer suite this year, a room set aside for contemplation, solitude, and prayer, with others or alone. We also have designated pray-ers who are not only there for conference attendees, but for you out there. We will be constantly checking the prayer request thread on the forum and the comments on this blog post for your prayer requests.  You can also email us privately from this page.

How can we intercede for you? What is weighing down your spirit? What is the possibility welling up inside that you can hardly speak aloud? What are you longing for God to do in you? In your family? In your church? How can we bring your heart before the throne?

Tammy, Influence Network Prayer Team


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  1. The Influence Network 3 years ago

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