Episode 54: Christa Black Gifford


In this episode, Jamie Ivey talks with Christa Black Gifford about inner healing, a Savior that weeps with us, permission to feel, grieving, and the importance of loving yourself.


“Denial of the pain (spouting off scripture to your heart to behave) does nothing to actually heal the wound.” Christa Black Gifford

“God, the Healer, the Comforter, the Redeemer, the Restorer, He was waiting for me in the place that I had avoided my whole life; He was waiting for me in the middle of my broken heart.” Christa Black Gifford

“Look at the patterns in your life. A lot of times we blame the enemy for things we need to become internally responsible for.” Christa Black Gifford

“You have permission to feel.” Christa Black Gifford

“Whatever you resist will persist.” Christa Black Gifford

“I learned that I have a Savior that weeps with me.” Christa Black Gifford



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